From Adam to Noah—The Numbers Game: Why the Genealogy Puzzles of Genesis 5 and 11 Are in the Bible

by Leonard Timmons


You're logical and reasonable in your life. You're a scientist, an engineer, or involved in some technical pursuit. You study things, find out what makes them tick and use that knowledge to make your life and the lives of others better. What does the Bible have to do with you and your life? Very little. But if you have the slightest interest in the Bible, you would be interested to know about a new discovery: a fully functional calendar has been found hidden in the ages of the genealogy of Genesis 5.

A calendar, hidden in plain sight, in one of the foundational stories of the Bible, tells us that our Bible-believing friends don't actually know what the Bible says or what it means. From Adam to Noah—The Numbers Game: Why the Genealogy Puzzles of Genesis 5 and 11 Are in the Bible shows you step-by-step that there is a calendar encoded in the extreme ages in the Genealogy of Genesis 5. You can prove to your friends that they don't understand the Bible like they think they do. You can show them that they may not understand it at all.

Your religious friends have an emotional attachment to what they believe about the Bible. You don't. You'd want to know why someone would put a scientific document (a fully functional, highly accurate calendar) in a puzzle in Genesis 5. There is a scientific document in Genesis 5 because the Bible was written by the most intelligent people of its time and those people were the scientists and engineers of their time. They were not superstitious primitives who grossly misunderstood their world.

But you wouldn't want me to ply you with platitudes and at the last make an emotional appeal. You'd want data. Facts. You would want to understand a culture and a worldview that could allow something like what we call science to flourish as much as 3500 years ago. You will get that data. You will have those facts.



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