My name is Leonard Timmons and I live in the metropolitan Atlanta area.  I've worked as an engineer here since 1983.

It would be nice to show you years of education at some religious school, but I don't have a religious education. I have a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (BEE) degree from Georgia Institute of Technology. I graduated in 1982.

I work with computers, networks and network security. I also manage Oracle databases among other things.

I have studied the Bible closely for many years and it turns out that you don't need to be a Bible scholar to discover new and wonderful things about the Bible. It also turns out that the people who wrote the Bible were the engineers of their time (as the calendar puzzle shows). So it turns out that having an engineering perspective when reading the Bible is more useful in understanding the calendar than any other perspective. Being a Bible scholar is a disadvantage in trying to figure out this particular feat of engineering.

I think being an engineer is important in understanding the remainder of the Bible as well. These people were practical, make-it-work kind of people and it takes an engineering perspective to understand what they wrote.