From Adam to Noah—The Numbers Game

Why the Genealogy Puzzles of Genesis 5 and 11 Are in the Bible

Some books are hard to read and hard to understand. This is one of those books. It's a book about the Bible, but if you're looking for a book that confirms what you already believe, this is not that book. In fact, it will likely offend your traditional view of the Bible. But if you have a passion for science and an abiding interest in the Bible, this is your book. It presents a radical view of the Bible that will force you to re-think what you've read there.

The Bible contains science, lots of science. In fact, the Bible was written by ancient scientists and engineers and is actually based on science and engineering. This is not a point of view you're likely to encounter elsewhere. A point of view some would scoff at. But now there is a new discovery of a major work of science in the Bible. Understanding the Bible as the work of ancient scientists and ancient engineers is responsible for that discovery.

So what's the new discovery that provides evidence of science in the Bible? The genealogy of Genesis 5. That's the genealogy where people are reported to live for over 900 years. That genealogy is a number puzzle. From Adam to Noah—The Numbers Game solves that puzzle and shows that it contains a fully functional, highly accurate calendar that is as accurate as our calendar. This Divisible Calendar has a 364-day common year, a 369-day leap year and one 365-day year every 33 years. The average length of a day for this calendar is 365.242424 days which is very close to the vernal equinox year of 365.242374 days.

But why would the Bible writers hide a calendar in a number puzzle posing as a genealogy? A “wisdom culture” existed in the Ancient Near East. In that culture wise men created riddles, puzzles, and parables that, when solved, revealed something important or valuable. Solomon begins the book of Proverbs by telling his readers he will teach them how to understand “the wise and their riddles.” It turns out that these wise men were the scientists and engineers of their time. And they built their riddles and puzzles to contain and protect their scientific discoveries. So the Bible was written to communicate the discoveries of its authors to future generations.

This is a book on science and the Bible. It is hard and it may be even harder to accept, but it won’t talk down to you. It invites you to think. It invites you to use the math you learned in high school. If you’re looking for an easy read, a pleasure read, this is not it. But if you want to know where our science and engineering began, you can know that the Bible is a part of our science and engineering heritage.


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